Fondo Estrella - Finaccess Renta Fija Corto Plazo FI | Interview Pilar Bravo 🔊

We are starting the second quarter of the year with a little more serenity after what we experienced at the end of the first quarter with the fear of a new financial crisis caused by the problems of several medium-sized banks in the United States and the bailout of Credit Suisse in Europe. The main stock market indicators have recovered their levels [...]

Dividend-based investing with Finaccess Value | Interview Lola Jaquotot 🔊

THE INVESTMENT FORUM Lola Jaquotot Head of Equities at Finaccess Value Capital Interconomy with Rubén Gil. This week is full of references for the markets. Today, Tuesday, the main focus is on U.S. inflation. But the definitive course will be set as of tomorrow, with the decisions on monetary policy [...]