Finaccess Value bets on social commitment | Interview Pilar Bravo ▶

Pilar Bravo, business development director of Finaccess Value, tells us in this interview the strategy and main features of the Finaccess Compromiso Social Europa RV, FI. fund and the reasons that have led Finaccess to make this decision: GO TO NEWS

Finaccess Value bets on the insurance sector within equities

The Finaccess Value team explains to us during a meeting to present their new Finaccess Social Commitment Europe Equity fund what they believe the markets will do in 2023 and their reasons for being positive on the insurance sector. GO TO NEWS

Why invest with a focus on social issues?

A company is a group of people with a common objective, which is none other than to provide a product or service that meets the needs of third parties, i.e. society as a whole. Therefore, investing in companies whose practices in relation to their employees, to the community and to society as a whole show [...]

Dividend-based investing with Finaccess Value | Interview Lola Jaquotot 🔊

THE INVESTMENT FORUM Lola Jaquotot Head of Equities at Finaccess Value Capital Interconomy with Rubén Gil. This week is full of references for the markets. Today, Tuesday, the main focus is on U.S. inflation. But the definitive course will be set as of tomorrow, with the decisions on monetary policy [...]

No crystal balls for the bubble problem

These overvaluation processes take a long time to develop, but it is impossible to determine precisely and a priori when they will end. For years now, the word bubble has become a recurring part of the financial lexicon. We have become accustomed to living with events such as the TMT explosion at the beginning of [...]


TRIBUNE by Cedric Bourdy, head of Distribution, Nevastar Finance Luxembourg. Commentary sponsored by Nevastar Finance. 'Economic moat' is a term first popularized by Warren Buffet in the 1990s, which refers to a company's ability to maintain a competitive advantage over its competitors. The term is now widely used by the management industry [...]