Finaccess Value to manage two investment funds launched by Renta 4 Gestora

Finaccess Value has been delegated the management of two new investment funds recently launched by Renta4 Gestora. The two funds will be managed by the investment team formed by Alfonso de Gregorio, Lola Jaquotot and David Ardura. Finaccess Value is supported by Renta 4 Gestora , which has experience in asset management.

"Finaccess Renta Fija Fija Corto Plazo" is a short term fixed income fund, public or private, of mainly European issuers, with a very conservative bias. The objective of the fund is to provide a positive return in a negative or zero interest rate environment. The fund will hold money market instruments, bonds and notes of private issuers. The combination of these within the portfolio will always be made with the idea of maximizing the risk/return ratio in mind. The fund is aimed at both investors with high current account liquidity and those who want to consolidate their resources in times of market volatility. The objective is to obtain a positive return without sacrificing the profitability of the invested capital, with daily liquidity and no currency risk. It has no investment minimums.

Finaccess Value will also manage the new "Finaccess Estrategia Dividendo Mixto" fund. This is a fund that invests in Global Equities and Fixed Income with flexibility to adapt to the circumstances of the market environment. The fund will apply a strategy of investing primarily in quality companies (through high dividend stocks and/or bonds with high yields) that allow the fund to distribute a regular income (semi-annually) through a dividend. The fund promotes environmental, social or governance characteristics (Art. 8 EU Regulation 2019/2088). In addition to financial criteria, socially responsible, exclusionary and valuation investment criteria will be applied. The fund is aimed at investors who want to obtain a regular income (foundations, family offices, individual investors seeking a recurring income, etc.) with a capital preservation approach.

Javier López Casado, president of Finaccess Value AV, comments "the current interest rate environment is marked by the policy of the Central Banks that has taken short-term interest rates to negative levels. Savers cannot find profitable alternatives for their money. We think Finaccess Short-Term Fixed Income is a solution as it seeks to offer a positive return with a very conservative investment approach, aimed at capital preservation."

David Ardura, co-chief investment officer of Finaccess Value AV notes that "the Finaccess Estrategia Dividendo Mixto Fund identifies quality companies with economic models that we believe are sustainable and generate added value for investors over the long term. The fund is aimed primarily at investors who want periodic income through dividend payments and with a medium/long-term investment time horizon."