British asset management company Nevastar lands in Spain through Finaccess Value

  • Nevastar Finance was founded in 2003 by Stanislas Rotman, Olivier Rouget and Ignace Rotman.
  • It markets equity, fixed income and multi-asset mutual funds; it also has a Private Equity and Real Estate division.
  • Its flagship fund, Nevastar Wealth Defender, has 5 Morningstar stars and is article 8.
  • It is a global equity fund that invests in companies with "pricing power" capable of outperforming the market in any environment.

The independent investment fund manager Nevastar Finance is now available in Spain for both institutional and retail investors. Its arrival comes as a result of the distributor agreement signed with Finaccess Value.

Nevastar Finance was founded in 2003 by Stanislas Rotman, Olivier Rouget and Ignace Rotman and offers integrated and customized investment solutions to institutions, companies, high net worth families, foundations, etc. worldwide. Since then, both its assets and its product range have been growing. It has offices in London, Geneva and Luxembourg. Its investment team has a combined experience of more than 100 years in investment banks, consulting firms and top-tier fund managers.

Today, it markets equity, fixed-income and multi-asset mutual funds. It also has a Private Equity and Real Estate division, managing an amount of 2.4 billion euros.

"It is a privilege to bring such a powerful team as Nevastar to Spanish investors. Its investment funds reflect very positive inertia that is sustainable over time. In addition, we share Nevastar's values and way of working," says Javier López Casado, president of Finaccess Value AV.

"At Nevastar we think horizontally when it comes to management. We are of the opinion that companies are not independent entities that operate in isolation, but that they interrelate with their environment at both macroeconomic and sector level, and this is what we take into account when analyzing an investment idea," adds Stanislas Rotman, CEO of Nevastar Finance. "In today's times when traditional correlations between different assets have broken down and technology companies are causing disruptions ever faster and more frequently, you have to have an agile, independent and different viewpoint approach to successfully adapt to a fast-moving and evolving environment."