Finaccess Value: Investment Scenario and Opportunities. With Pilar Bravo

We are witnessing a time of high volatility in the market. On the one hand, the central banks (Fed and ECB) have decided to pause interest rate hikes and the message they are leaving us with is: interest rates will remain high for longer than initially expected. On the other hand, inflation is not keeping pace [...]

Fixed income investor optimism

In view of everything we have heard and read over the last few months, the first derivative of "the most anticipated recession in history" could well be "the most anticipated rate cut in history". We have been talking for some time about a recession that has not yet appeared, but it has [...]

The challenge of combining profitability and social criteria

As a debit card advertisement used to say, "some things are priceless". Just as playing sports does not have to involve a financial outlay (the choice would be to go for a walk or run versus staying at home on the couch watching TV), in the world of investments, investing including [...]

Imbalances in a good year for financial markets

There is no parallel to be drawn with the end of the century, because the stock market giants are quality businesses that are likely to last. If we had to choose one word to describe the financial markets and the economy in 2023, decompensation would be the most appropriate choice. From a macroeconomic perspective, [...]

"He who resists, wins".

This month we saw a chart showing that the global discount of small and mid-cap companies to large cap companies is at a 20-year high, coinciding with the strong rise of large cap technology companies, banks, leisure and tourism [...].

How to take advantage of climate change opportunities

In an inflationary environment and energy crisis, the high volatility of energy prices has highlighted the growing need for energy efficiency and diversification of our energy supply sources. State support for these initiatives is plentiful and represents a structural driver of long-term growth. In [...]

Are the bonds wrong?

The performance of these assets points to a recession. It is time to bet on sovereign debt, quality securities and low risk The recession in developed countries has been the main topic of economic conversation over the past few months. The downward trend in growth figures, the [...]

Analysis and investment strategies in equities | Interview with Lola Jaquotot ▶

Interview with Lola Jaquotot, Equity Manager at Finaccess Value, in which she analyzes market risks (inflation, monetary policy of central banks and uncertainty in the financial sector) and investment opportunities in equities, with a special focus on some companies focused on social sectors such as health, education, education, health care, education, education, [...]