Our investment philosophy is focused on generating long-term value through independent management adapted to the circumstances of the environment. In addition, itis based on patrimonialist principles, which means that we focus on capital preservation and maintain strict risk control. We seek to protect our clients' assets over time by making informed and prudent investment decisions.

Finaccess Short-Term Fixed Income


Managed by proxy by Finaccess Value

CNMV Risk: 2 | Article 6

Short-term fixed income fund that invests 100% in government and corporate bonds. The fund has a European bias, but with the ability to capture opportunities in any region. The average duration of the portfolio will not exceed one year and the maximum volatility will be less than 2% per annum. Designed to take advantage of opportunities in the short end of the fixed income spectrum and with a very conservative approach. It follows three premises: to obtain profitability, to have controlled volatility and to invest in very liquid assets.

Finaccess Mixed Dividend Strategy


Managed by proxy by Finaccess Value

CNMV Risk: 3 | Article 8

It is a mixed European equity fund, which invests in companies that offer a good dividend yield sustainable over time and/or bonds with high yields, with flexibility to adapt to the circumstances of the market environment. The fund will apply a strategy of investing primarily in quality companies (through high dividend stocks) that allow the fund to distribute a regular income (semi-annually) through a dividend or to accumulate it for capitalization in the accumulation class. To this end, we make a filter when selecting companies: profitability, cash generation, stable margins and results, solid and healthy balance sheet, stable management team, etc. The fixed income portion of the fund will be invested mainly in Investment Grade assets, with a maximum exposure of 25% to High Yield. The fund may invest in a wide range of instruments, such as sovereign debt, private fixed income, commercial paper, deposits, among others. The duration of the portfolio is not predetermined and will be adjusted according to market conditions. Between 30-75% of the total exposure may be invested in equities.

Finaccess Global


Managed by proxy by Finaccess Value

Global equity mixed fund

CNMV Risk: 3 | Article 6

It offers diversification and access to a broad universe of issuers, sectors and geographic areas through a diversified portfolio. This allows us to invest at any given time in the geographic areas and/or assets that may perform best based on the macroeconomic cycle.
The fund's objective is to seek capital appreciation by prioritizing wealth preservation through strict risk control. The advantage of this fund lies in the combination of direct investment together with the selection of the best funds, with total independence, in each asset class and geographic area. Between 30-75% of total equity exposure may be invested directly or indirectly through CIIs.

Finaccess Social Commitment Equity Europe


Advised by Finaccess Value

CNMV Risk: 4 | Article 9

It is a European equity fund that seeks, through its investments, to contribute to various sustainable objectives, focused on the social sphere, through a diversified portfolio of 40 companies. The social objectives pursued are related to: health, education, financial inclusion and accessibility, applied technology or development of sustainable cities and communities. More than 75% of the total exposure is invested in equities of any capitalization and sector, from European issuers or markets, with at least 60% of the total exposure in equities of entities in the euro area. The business practices of the portfolio companies must meet high standards of social commitment to their employees and society as a whole. The companies that make up the portfolio undergo a double analysis, the first being ESG with special emphasis on the "S" for social, and those that pass this first filter are subjected to a fundamental analysis (profitability, cash generation, stable margins and results, solid and healthy balance sheet, stable management team, etc.), selecting those that offer an attractive revaluation potential.


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