At Grupo Finaccess we comply with the strictest corporate governance norms. Each of the Group’s companies and divisions operates based on the necessary internal bylaws to apply best practices.

Our companies are currently audited.

At Grupo Finaccess we make a constant effort to strengthen our internal controls and to adhere to the strictest standards in corporate governance.

We periodically communicate our Code of Ethics and Conduct so that all our clients, suppliers, and employees can know, understand, and apply its principles.

Legal information

  • Intormation for presenting claims (contract data)

This service will address client grievances and claims in a period of no more than two months.
Additionally, Finaccess Value informs its clients about the Grievance Service offered by the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores, CNMV (National Commission of the Securities Market) which is part of the Investment Division of the CNMV, located on C/Edisón 4 28006 Madrid. For more information, visit or send an e-mail to informació 
For more information, consult Order ECO/734/2004, published on March 11, regarding client service and protection divisions at financial entites.